Why should I hire a Paralegal?

A Paralegal is a trained legal professional and can present your case in the best way possible using the appropriate legal resources.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, a free 30 - minute consultation is available. As of January 2020, a consultation fee of $100.00 was introduced for individuals who would like specific legal advice, but do not have a need for legal representation. 

I have a matter outside of the KW Region, can you assist?

Generally, I service the Region of Waterloo and Guelph. However, matters outside of these service areas will be determined on a case by case basis. There will be additional fees for out-of-town matters. Otherwise, I will refer you to a competent paralegal who will be able to assist you.

What are your fees?

Fees are charged at a flat rate or block rate depending on the service  you want. This ensures that you know how much you are spending throughout the process.

How are payments made?

 If you decide to retain my services, a 50% retainer fee deposit is required. The balance of the payments can be made in flexible instalments or through some other agreed-upon arrangement. Amicus Paralegal Services accepts payment via Cash, Cheque or E-transfer. 

Will you give a guarantee?

I can only guarantee that you will be provided with professional service, but I cannot guarantee the outcome of your case. 

Can I represent myself?

You certainly can represent yourself. All courts and tribunals offer information for self-represented litigants through the Ministry of the Attorney General's website. Amicus Paralegal Services does offer legal coaching for self-represented litigants. Contact the firm to discuss available coaching options.


What is the difference between a lawyer and a paralegal?

Both lawyers and paralegals are licenced and regulated by the Law Society of Ontario This ensures that lawyers and paralegals who are licenced to provide legal services meet and maintain standards of learning, competence, and professional conduct. 

There are two main differences between the two legal professionals:

1) Paralegals are prohibited from practicing in certain areas of law specific to lawyers only. These areas include: Real Estate Law, Wills & Estates, & Family Law.

2) Paralegal service fees are generally more cost-effective than those of a lawyer.

 If a paralegal is unable to assist with your matter, he or she will advise you of this and refer you to someone or to another service that can. 

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