Judgment enforcement


Anyone will tell you that obtaining a judgment is the easy part but getting paid is where the challenge begins.

There are several ways to enforce a judgment; however, the process can be  confusing and time-consuming. Enforcing a judgment can be done through a wage garnishment, bank account garnishment or through a writ and seizure.

If you have obtained a judgment through the Small Claims Court or the Landlord and Tenant Board, Amicus Paralegal Services can help you enforce the judgment so you can get paid. 

Legal fees start at $300.00 plus applicable taxes and disbursements.  Court filing fees and Sheriff fees are separate.

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Garnishing someone's income or bank account is not ideal for anyone, but sometimes it is the only way to get what is legally owed to you. Are you sitting on a judgment? Contact Amicus Paralegal to find out how we can help you.