Legal coaching for self-represented litigants

Legal Coaching Services


Legal coaching is a fairly new concept in Ontario in an attempt to provide accessible legal services to the public. Amicus Paralegal Services offers legal coaching for Small Claims, Landlord and Tenant, and Provincial Offences (Traffic Tickets).

With legal coaching, you get the benefit of an experienced paralegal guiding you through the process in the background and you save money. You are essentially representing yourself, but with more confidence - a WIN-WIN situation for you.

Legal coaching is an unbundled service provided through a limited scope retainer agreement and is generally payable in full at the signing of the retainer. All packages include one-on-one coaching, which  may be conducted in person, video conferencing, telephone, and via e-mail.

Unbundled services include: 

  • Coaching on courtroom rules and etiquette 
  • Editing and/or drafting of pleadings
  • Drafting service agreements
  • Guidance on finding the appropriate case law for your case,
  • Guidance on Small Claims, LTB and PO court procedures,
  • Assistance with form completions for incorporations
  • Disclosure review for traffic ticket matters
  • Assistance with motion hearing or trial preparation, and 
  • Contract review.

Service packages start at $250.00 + applicable  taxes and will vary depending on the scope of work required.

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Your case is unique and will require information that is different from someone else's case. Being self-represented does not mean that you cannot be professional and appear to know what you are doing. Be prepared!